Education and Training


At Bamboo Castle Consulting, our holistic approach to consulting means we offer a variety of education and training programs as well. We can train and help further educate your staff in the following:

Today, nursing care goes beyond basic patient care. Our patient-centered consulting service offers our clients a comprehensive approach to nursing, implementing operational regulatory guidance. Ongoing clinical nurse experience is no longer enough for a successful nursing team. Bamboo Castle Consulting assists each nursing team to help them meet operational, regulatory, and financial goals.
Lack of proper Prospective Payment Systems (PPS) is a leading cause of low reimbursement for Medicare A/B patients. We can help change that.
We will assist you in creating better clinical systems and practices to improve patient outcomes.
We will help you identify and address areas of weakness from past surveys as well as keep you up to date on the new changes and regulations added each year.
We will examine your unique challenges and work with you to create a customized system to decrease hospital readmission.
Learn how you can implement changes to your resident care programs to increase patient satisfaction and outcomes.
Our advisory team provides training in behavioral modification techniques aimed at crisis prevention. We will share techniques to help effectively manage difficult and disruptive patients as well as those with dementia and memory loss.
We will develop a customized survey management plan just for your building. We will walk you through the plan just as if you were in survey, go over the results. We will work with you until you feel confident you have addressed deficiencies and are ready for your next survey.
Our team will assist you in evaluating your interactions with referral services, discharge planners, clients and their families to help improve their overall customer service experience. By building stronger relationships with referral sources we strive to increase your census mix and ultimately your bottom line.
We will review your case mix and streams of revenue (Managed Care, Medicare, Medicaid, Private Pay) and help you to create a proper balance of revenue streams.

Based on our years of experience, our team will assist you in exploring alternate healing modalities to reduce dependence on pharmaceuticals, specifically in the area of pain management. We promote:

  • Acupuncture
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Yoga
  • Massage
  • Meditation
  • Prayer