About Us


Sarah C. Schumann, MDiv
Founder and CEO

Sarah is the founder and CEO of Bamboo Castle Consulting, and she has 16 years of operational management experience. When Sarah isn’t working at Bamboo, she works to improve her mind and body. Sarah is an interfaith Chaplain, meditation instructor, registered Yoga instructor, 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and she is also a comedian, vaudeville, and improvisation performer.

Philosophy and Specializations

Bamboo Castle Consulting was founded on the principle of complementing traditional Western Medicine with alternative health care. We work to optimize our client’s performance, and improve their efficiency.

At Bamboo Castle Consulting, we strive to help our clients improve their nursing care and achieve efficiency. We work with each facility to optimize PPS reimbursement, have an effective CQI and risk management program, improve patient outcomes, ensure nursing leadership and performance outcomes are effective, assist each facility in achieving compliance, and decrease the risk of Medicare denials.

Bamboo Castle Consulting specializes in regulatory preparedness, Medicare programs, operational assessments, survey consulting, quality improvements, and more. We understand the world of senior health care and skilled nursing, and we know how to help our clients be as successful and efficient as possible.